The Building Tradesman Newspaper

Redistricting time

It was said more than once in the days before last November's general election that "this election will determine the fate of working people in Michigan for the next 10 years." ..

Trades get ready for Ford Field blitz

More than 600 Hardhats are currently in the Ford Field playbook, working to shape the future gridiron into one of the most unique stadiums in the nation. In two months, the roster of trades workers is expected to double - making the football stadium project in Detroit among the largest construction jobs in the state. ..

State set to beef up penalties for drivers who hit Hardhats

The Michigan House and Senate last month adopted a bill that would make it a felony for motorists to injure or kill construction workers because of drunk or reckless driving. Gov. John Engler is expected to sign it. ..

Fitters' warmth sends welcome chill to St. Pat's

Modernizing the 75-year-old mechanical systems at Detroit's St. Patrick's Senior Center has taken nearly four years, hundreds of hours of volunteer labor, and thousands of dollars in at-cost and donated supplies. ..

Boilermakers have a go-'round with orbital welding training

Not long ago, Magnatech President John Emmerson received a desperate call on a Friday afternoon from a welding contractor building a power plant on a Caribbean island. ..


Workers shortchanged with jobless money  ..