The Building Tradesman Newspaper

Federal jobless money will be used to plug leaks in state budget

LANSING - With a state budget shortfall approaching $400 million, the Engler Administration has been looking under every rock for revenue sources that will help balance Michigan's books. ..

Two firms join 'race to the bottom'

Somehow, tens of thousands of employers across Michigan and the nation manage to make a fair profit for themselves, while paying their workers a collectively bargained wage. ..

Work remains before trades hand off Ford Field

We don't know how the Detroit Lions will perform at Ford Field this year, but there's little doubt that the performance of the building trades and their employers has brought forth an absolute gem. ..

Scout's honor: Mix-Fix volunteers improve ranch

METAMORA -There are always chores to do at a ranch, and the D-Bar-A Boy Scout Ranch isn't any different. ..

Local 58 powerboater paying his 'Dooz'

Volunteering on a rescue boat during the Detroit Thunderfest last year, IBEW Local 58 member Pingree Conflitti soaked up the world of powerboat racing. ..