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Prevailing wage law in hands of petitioners

LANSING - Michigan's Prevailing Wage Act of 1965 is in dire risk of repeal this year in the state Legislature - but it likely won't happen in the conventional manner. ..

Petition signature gatherers may have to work hard for their money

Coming this summer to a street corner or perhaps a sporting event near you: clipboard-holders with petitions from "Protecting Michigan Taxpayers," promising that if you will sign, you help repeal the state's prevailing wage law and save the state big bucks on construction costs. ..

Survey shows strong support for state’s prevailing wage law


Cool! Trades create habitat for zoo's penguin exhibit

Top 400 contractors enjoying higher revenues

Revenue for big U.S. construction contractors is returning back up to pre-Great Recession levels. ..

Nation divided in opinion on unions, poll finds

There weren't many shocking headlines out of major Pew Research Center polling released April 27 concerning public and political perception of the nation's unions. ..

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Fast Track fight moves on to U.S. House ..