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With primaries over, unions start planning fall campaign

By Mark Gruenberg
PAI Staff Writer

Bad news for the master sergeants: Today's young workers are not created in your mold

By Mark Breslin
(Another in a series)

Bigger cancer center starts taking shape on the 'Hill'

GRAND RAPIDS - Eight years ago, the Van Andel Institute opened and became the founding tenant of what's called "Hospital Hill," "Health Hill" or even "Pill Hill" - a formal name hasn't been established. The collection of medical, educational and research buildings along a steep hill on Michigan Street on the edge of the downtown area is currently undergoing about $1 billion in construction activity, spread among several projects. ..

Laborers launch campaign to get America moving on infrastructure construction

WASHINGTON (PAI) - Calling rebuilding America a bipartisan and nonpartisan issue, the Laborers have launched a massive grass-roots campaign to mobilize both unionists and citizens in favor of dedicated, massive investment in reconstructing the nation's airports, highways and railroads, union President Terry O'Sullivan announced. ..

Marathon job fair another step toward start of $1.9 billion project

Check off another requirement as "done" in advance of construction on the Marathon Petroleum Co.'s $1.9 billion Detroit Heavy Oil Upgrade Project. ..

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