The Building Tradesman Newspaper

Prevailing wage clout depends on dwindling resource: enforcement

Governmental red tape, the lack of money for enforcement and the complete absence of political will to enforce state and federal laws are taking money out of pockets of Michigan construction workers, and work away from union contractors. ..

Road workers still need a brake

How can the rate of death and injury in highway traffic zones be reduced? ..

Trades power construction of new gas-fired power plant

Some sorely needed electrical generating capacity is on the way in Michigan, in the form of the 710-megawatt Dearborn Industrial Generation plant across the street from the Ford-Rouge and Rouge Steel complex. ..

In the swamp or on an ice floe, zoo animals will feel right at home

It's a good time to be a polar bear or a frog at the Detroit Zoo. ..

Working safely…Don't take your work home with you

At a time when the health hazards of all kinds of construction industry substances are being called into question - substances like drywall dust, lead, silica, and most recently, sawdust - health experts are reminding Hardhats to take extra caution before they give the spouse and kids a hug upon returning home. ..

Kowynia puts his mind to it, wins sheet metal competition

Phil Kowynia, Jr. didn't think he could beat out a national pool of talent in the Sheet Metal Workers National Apprenticeship Contest as a second-year apprentice in 1999 - and he was right. ..