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Hurricane work hasn't led to boom
So far, wrecked areas of the Gulf Coast have not been a construction worker magnet. ..

'We know there's more to do…'Granholm promotes building Strategy; pipe trades endorse her

DETROIT - On the same day the first television ads supporting her candidacy hit the airwaves in Michigan on June 8, Gov. Jennifer Granholm made her first re-election campaign pitch before the building trades. ..

Icon on Bond starts to rise

GRAND RAPIDS - The Icon on Bond development is quickly coming out of the ground, transforming a brownfield site that hosted an old foundry into a residential development that is expected to add to the transformation of the Monroe North Business District. ..

Asbestos bill revived; should been left for dead?

By Mark Gruenberg
PAI Staff Writer

A matter of priorities

WASHINGTON - Two items illustrate the spending priorities of the Bush Administration and Republican leaders. ..

Things are steaming up on NMU campus

MARQUETTE - Northern Michigan University's campus has grown slowly but surely every few years, with each new building placing an additional load on the campus' 40-year-old steam plant. ..

Material price inflation

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The market for construction materials is way up compared to other types of goods - and they may stay higher. ..