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Immigration reform? First step should be to halt traffic in ‘cheap, easily exploitable labor’

The current firestorm that has erupted as a result of the enactment of the “Show Me Your Papers” law in Arizona has further enflamed the already contentious debate about illegal immigration. ..

Carpenters announce return to Michigan Building Trades

The leadership of the Michigan Regional Carpenters Council (MRCC) has opted to end a 14-year split and re-affiliate with the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council, effective immediately. ..

New Karn plant vacuum system will better clean its emissions

HAMPTON TWP. – Consumers Energy’s Karn-Weadock Generating Complex – which has employed thousands of building trades workers performing various projects over the past few decades – is playing the host again. ..

Rocky road ahead for our ‘not normal’ economy

WASHINGTON (PAI) – The recession is officially over, but the nation is in a so-called economic recovery that “only a statistician could love,” with long-tem unemployment, way more job-seekers than jobs, and jobless benefits acting as a poor man’s stimulus for the economy. ..

OSHA to publicly shame job safety violators

(PAI) – The Occupational Safety and Health Administration “will use not just our normal inspection system, but regulation by shaming” against notorious job safety and health violators, its administrator says. ..

Insulators promote cancer research at Karmanos

DETROIT – When it comes to early detection of and getting treating for asbestos-related diseases, the Karmanos Cancer Center has the seal of approval of the International Association of Heat and Frost Insulators. ..