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Just one thing to know about prevailing wage repeal: Don't sign the petition!

Signature gatherers are expected to be fanning out across Michigan this summer, asking registered voters to sign a petition intended to repeal the Prevailing Wage Act of 1965.   ..

Prevailing wage laws 'serve the interests of the public'

By Dr. Dale Belman
Professor, Michigan State University
School of Labor and Industrial Relations ..

Second poll finds state has little appetite for prevailing wage repeal

LANSING - A great majority of the state's Republican lawmakers want to repeal the Michigan Prevailing Wage Act of 1965.  ..

Treatment facility upgrades keep water flowing - and safe

Lansing lawmakers know best, say Lansing lawmakers

LANSING – Should state law trump local law when it comes to governments setting prevailing and minimum wages, sick time rules or other employee benefits? ..

Construction worker shortage? New survey still says, 'maybe'

When we last asked that question about six months ago following an industry survey by the Associated General Contractors, the answer was "maybe." It depended on geographic location, industry sector and whether a shortage, if any, was seen as short-term or long-term. ..