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AGC: union trades may 'expedite extinction' with ongoing battles

Union disunity is starting to raise red flags with construction employers. ..

Monday, Monday, Can't trust that day? Report says it's as safe as any other

There is a popular conception that most construction fatalities occur on Mondays and Fridays - but the statistics don't bear this out. ..

Unique arches to create gateway to Detroit

Taking shape in Taylor is the first section of the dual-arch Gateway Bridge - a pair of matching, east-west 246-foot-long spans that will serve as a landmark for Metro Airport travelers headed along I-94 to and from Detroit. ..

'Bigger picture' sought with reorganization of West Michigan Construction Alliance

Rome wasn't built in a day, and Michigan's ailing construction economy won't be re-built in a day, either. ..

Pssst…feds clamping down on law-breaking employers

By Mark Dempsey ..

What's a-Foote: work starts on new emergency department

JACKSON - Foote Hospital's Emergency Department is getting busier. As a result, it's getting bigger. ..

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