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Covenant Health Care project displays union-contractor skills

SAGINAW - A tour last month of the new Covenant Health Care facility allowed Plumbers and Steam Fitters Local 85 and the Bay Area Association of Michigan Mechanical Contractors to put their best foot forward to promote their industry. ..

Summer's here, and time is right for 'Give 'em a Brake' campaign

Doubling traffic fines, increasing highway signage and heightened promotional campaigns have been employed in recent years as ways to improve safety for road workers. ..

City grew up around old S-Curve; new version ready for the future

GRAND RAPIDS - The state Department of Transportation called the recently completed reconstruction of the city's notorious U.S. 131 S-Curve "by far the largest and most complex civil engineering project ever launched in West Michigan." ..

Trades' issues grow cold on the back burner

The U.S. construction industry was supposed to get its own standard for dealing with noise on job sites in 1983 - and today, we're still waiting. ..

Study offers disquieting news about hearing mentality in trades

Hearing loss is one of the most common maladies affecting construction workers - and one of the most easily preventable. ..

'Protection of the construction worker is clearly a matter of politics'

The construction industry was exempt from the recent and short-lived OSHA ergonomic standard. ..

Rebate checks (may be) coming

Looking forward to your tax rebate check? It may not deliver all that's promised. ..


Jeffords' switch restores balance  ..