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Legislature OKs stopgap to ban PLAs

A nearly identical version of the bill previously passed the Senate, also along party lines, and it will likely be resolved and made into law with Gov. Snyder’s signature by the time you read this. The bill basically is what Republican lawmakers hope is an end-around to a February ruling by a federal judge, who overturned the first state GOP law adopted last summer that attempted to outlaw PLAs. U.S. District Court Judge Victoria Roberts ruled that the federal National Labor Relations Act, which spells out the rights of workers and unions, preempts Michigan’s attempts to kill PLAs. ..

State GOP looks to ban union time on public dime

The state House (HB 4059) and Senate (SB 7) both have their own active versions of the bill. Both versions are an overt attempt to punish unions while not saving taxpayers a dime. A “fiscal impact” statement released May 24 by the Senate Fiscal Agency said:  “the bill would have no impact on State revenue or expenditures, or on local unit revenue.” Union leaders maintain that the legislation is another attempt by state Republicans to reduce union clout by issuing one-size-fits-all laws in Lansing that are better made by community leaders. ..

Bill would allow part-timers to earn jobless benefits

So it goes with the Republican-dominated Michigan Senate, which, after 18 months of sponsoring nearly non-stop anti-labor legislation, actually adopted a worker-and employer-friendly bill. ..

State’s first digester to thrive on a buffet of waste feedstock

FREMONT – Later this year, a virtual “Made in Michigan” label can be applied to up to three megawatts of renewable energy, as well as tons of liquid plant nutrients and compost, produced by a plant under construction in this town about 20 miles northeast of Muskegon. ..

More room to teach, learn at UA Local 174

Located along I-96 between Grand Rapids and Muskegon, the union hall and adjacent training center were opened in 1999, but the 12,000 square-foot training area had grown a bit cramped in recent years. Last month, the ribbon was cut on 4,000 square-feet of new space added on to the west side of the training center, providing the union’s instructional staff, apprentices and journeymen with more room to teach and learn. ..

ABC’s puffed up self-importance deflated by scathing trades report

The nation’s building trades unions have long accused the anti-union Associated Builders and Contractors of being long on self-aggrandizement, rhetoric and public relations, and short on actual construction experience, training and membership. ..