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ENR ranks nation's top contractors
The largest Michigan-based construction contractors generally held their position, or slipped somewhat, in an annual ranking of the nation's contractors based on year-to-year revenues. ..

State Republicans, Supreme Court push for limits on asbestos victims' legal rights

Federal lawmakers failed earlier this year - once again - in a years-long compromise effort to establish a trust fund to help victims of asbestos-related diseases. ..

Metro Hospital gets fresh start with advanced design, new location

WYOMING - It is rare these days for a health care organization to be able to start with a clean slate, and have the opportunity to get exactly what it wants by designing and building a new hospital "village" from the ground up. ..

Republicans kill pro-worker amendment to immigration bill

By Mark Gruenberg
PAI Staff Writer

'More supervisors!' expected to be NLRB anti-union battle cry

There hasn't been much news over the last two years concerning some critical labor law cases before the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB) that could "deal a major setback to the struggling labor movement's efforts in growing areas of the economy…." - like construction, said the Wall Street Journal on May 26. ..

Who supports labor? Here's the perfect test…


Dormant for years, UA sparks up statewide apprenticeship contest

YPSILANTI - Michigan's plumbing and pipefitting unions re-started a dormant tradition this year: a statewide contest to determine the top apprentice in various fields of skill. ..