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GOP eradicates ergonomics rules

For organized labor, the hits just keep on coming. ..

Prevailing wage repeal betrays Michigan workers

Editor's note: The most important law on Michigan's books that protects the wages of construction workers is the Michigan Prevailing Wage Act of 1966. And once again, the law is under attack in the state legislature. This time, opponents are tying it to the proposed repeal of various "living wage" ordinances enacted by communities in the state. On state-funded construction projects, the prevailing wage law provides a standard for how much contractors pay workers. ..

Early on, Bush starts battles - and he's fighting against labor

WASHINGTON D.C. - Since President Bush has entered office, we've heard a lot about how he wants to bring people together, provide families with more opportunities, and give Americans a better life. Now, less than two months into his term, it's become clear which Americans he's talking about -- and it's NOT working families. ..

From boondoggle to boon, Zilwaukee span serves state well

ZILWAUKEE - "No news is good news." ..

Expo exposes construction as a potential career choice

Information, hands-on experience and the knowledge of construction professionals were all available to attendees at a Feb. 27 career expo at Oakland Community College's Auburn Hills campus. ..

New Midfield Terminal gets new power plant, too

In Michigan, deregulation of electrical utilities hasn't brought the rolling blackouts and brownouts like they had earlier this year in California, but voracious consumers of electrical power are taking matters into their own hands to make sure that doesn't happen - at least to their own business. ..

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Michigan Vietnam Monument on track  ..