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Employee Free Choice Act passes House; but now comes the hard part

WASHINGTON (PAI) - With a boost from the new Democratic majority, the House passed the Employee Free Choice Act, designed to help level the playing field between workers and managers in organizing and bargaining, on March 1. The vote was 241-185. Democrats favored it 228-2, while 13 Republicans voted for it and 183 against. ..

New York unionists push for 9/11 victim health care funds

By Mark Gruenberg
PAI Staff Writer

WCC's health and fitness center is shaping up

ANN ARBOR - Building trades workers are in fine form at the new Washtenaw Community College Health and Fitness Center. ..

New Soo lock is dead in the water?

The Bush Administration and the Army Corps of Engineers are apparently not inclined to recommend the movement of federal money to build a new $340 million lock in Sault Ste. Marie. ..

Eagle Mine application has ground to a halt

The state permitting process for a proposed $100 million investment in the Kennecott Eagle Project Mine in Marquette County has come to an abrupt pause. ..

50 candles for the Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council

LANSING - The Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council marks a milestone this month: 50 years of service to the state unionized construction workforce. ..

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