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Michigan Supreme Court upholds prevailing wage

LANSING - The state Supreme Court finally slammed the door on the Associated Builders and Contractors-Saginaw Valley Chapter's bulldog-like effort to overturn the Michigan Prevailing Wage Act. ..

Lull follows report of new trades alliance

A relative calm after the storm seemed to follow the bombshell Feb. 14 announcement that six international unions would form a new group, the National Construction Alliance. ..

Where the action is

Construction is progressing at the new MGM Grand Casino, which makes a considerable, 25-acre footprint on the west side of downtown Detroit. ..

GOP turnaround makes minimum wage hike likely in Michigan

LANSING - The circulation of petitions asking Michigan voters to approve an increase in the state's minimum wage prompted state Republicans - surprisingly - to reconsider their long opposition to the matter. ..

Masons ready new niche for 160-year-old gang of gongers

Since 1931, Gog and Mogog have gonged on the quarter hour atop the Sir John Bennett clock tower at Greenfield Village, an attraction so popular that rows of benches were placed across the street to allow visitors to take a break and watch the action.

The two human-sized figures form the major elements of the clockworks, which once tolled above the Sir John Bennett Jewelry Shop in London, England from 1846 to 1929. When Greenfield Village founder Henry Ford had the building imported to Dearborn, the five-story building was trimmed down to two levels, and the masonry on the front of the building was redesigned to house the clockwork figures. ..

State seeks to accelerate $320 million in road funds

LANSING -The Michigan Department of Transportation (MDOT) and Gov. Jennifer Granholm on March 7 announced a new plan to speed up local transportation projects across the state, putting more Hardhats to work sooner. ..

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