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Trades vexed by anemic political clout...but are buoyed by prospects on the job

LANSING - Like it or not, the political fortunes and the very existence of much of organized labor - as unsettled as they are - are nearly completely in the hands of Republican lawmakers in Michigan and in Washington D.C. ..

Building trades' McGarvey: Changing times bring changing strategies 'people on the other side of the aisle can help us'

Strategists in the Democratic Party were playing checkers. Strategists in the Republican Party were playing chess. ..

Oakland U building more room for students to live on campus

ROCHESTER - More room for students to live on campus is on the way to Oakland University. ..

Construction takes a dip to start 2017

U.S. construction spending got off on the wrong foot in 2017, falling one percent from December to January. But spending was up 3.1 percent compared to January 2016. ..

Senate GOP kills pro-worker recordkeeping rule

By Mark Gruenberg ..

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MDOT chief: roads will get worse  ..