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Revival plan for state focuses on construction spending

LANSING - How can Michigan's workers survive and attempt to thrive in an incredibly difficult economic environment? ..

Race is on to complete MIS expansion

BROOKLYN - The largest sports venue in the state is about to get a little larger. ..

Study: PLAs are cost-neutral, but ultimately benefit unions

LANSING - Are construction industry project labor agreements the "Gift of God or Work of the Devil?" ..

How budget hacks have put the state budget out of whack

LANSING - The massive gap of revenues vs. income to fund operations of Michigan's government, said Lynn Jondahl, is "incredible - we have a structural deficit in Michigan that will continue to grow." ..

Trades, Barton Malow help Whitmore Lake high school go green

WHITMORE LAKE - One of the foremost applications in Michigan for "building green" is shaping up in the form of this city's new high school. ..

Road money increase around the bend - and a fairer system, too?

Michigan will be receiving more money to fix roads and bridges, and spending fairness among the states may be on the way to becoming a little more equitable. ..

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