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Labor movement knocks Obama administration: ‘We’ve been sidelined’

ORLANDO, Fla. (PAI) – The labor movement is angry with the Obama administration –  and some leaders say they’re only reflecting views of their members. ..

So far, lip service is only support for EFCA

ORLANDO, Fla. (PAI) –The Obama Administration is giving only verbal support, and nothing more, to the Employee Free Choice Act, a top legislative priority of organized labor – the movement that played a big part in propelling the president into the Oval Office in 2008. ..

New tower goes up at old tank plant

WARREN – The U.S. Army TACOM Life Cycle Management Command is a major beneficiary of the 2005 Congressional Military Base Realignment and Closure directives, as the facility will welcome 1,251 new positions next year. ..

Focus on jobs prompts trades’ outreach to state GOP, Chamber

LANSING – Changing times, changing faces. ..

Who’s got trouble? We’ve got trouble.

LANSING – Twice in a six-year period, U.S. stocks and other markets  underwent stomach-churning, historic drops that the experts said should only come once in a lifetime. ..

Outdoor lovers, DNR and MUCC would like to get to know you

LANSING – Every year around Nov. 15, it’s expected that productivity on construction sites around Michigan will suffer a bit with the mass migration of tradespeople headed out to the woods to hunt deer. ..