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Run the numbers and without Proposal 1 it's 'back to Square One' for Michigan roads

LANSING - Passage of a one-cent sales tax increase would permanently render $1.2 billion more every year for road and bridge repairs in Michigan. Those are the basic numbers involving Proposal 1, which will appear on the May 5 statewide special election ballot. But they only touch the surface. ..

Labor's durability may key on friending a few GOP moderates: 'Politics is not a marriage. It's a business.'

LANSING - You may have heard once or twice from labor leaders over the last couple of decades that the next election is "the most important of our lifetime."  ..

Trades make big concrete bed for FRIB's linear accelerator

Fast Track the wrong track, unionists tell Congress

By Mark Gruenberg
PAI Staff Writer

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Momentum rises in U.S. construction  ..