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Rally season in Lansing demands change in course by Republicans

LANSING – Chanting “union busting – it’s disgusting” and “take Michigan back,” a throng of about 5,000 from around the state converged on the steps of the Capitol Building on March 16, demanding a reversal to a number of proposals made by Gov. Rick Snyder and Republican lawmakers. ..

Wisconsin lesson: Radical right wants to eradicate unions


No checks, no balances – State Republicans OK financial manager bill

LANSING – Gov. Rick Snyder and the Republican House and Senate have adopted a bill that allows the appointment of emergency financial managers for financially strapped cities and school districts, while giving that manager powers akin to what critics have called a dictatorship. ..

Want to voice your outrage? Here’s who you can call or write

With no less than 37 anti-worker and anti-union bills on the docket in the Michigan House and Senate, it’s time for building trades workers around the state to let their state representatives and state senators know how you feel. ..

Republican shakedown demonizes unions, government

(By Robert Reich, Fmr. U.S. Secretary of Labor) ..

New, modern MLK High School takes shape