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Lacking votes, GOP is forced to bury 'FAIR' Act

Nonunion contractors pushed hard for their top legislative priority, a bill in Congress that would give them relief from legal fees resulting from union organizing drives. ..

Trades ready 'hellacious hole' for new Detroit parking deck

The massive 25-story J.L. Hudson's building in Detroit was brought to the ground in a matter of seconds in October 1998 by the largest urban implosion in our nation's history. ..

School inspection rules move closer to passage

The State of Michigan may yet get a tougher construction inspection standard for schools. ..

Trauma programs should be moved to prime time


Human resources in the trades build new center for UAW-GM

The UAW and General Motors are using 100 percent union resources to jointly build the 420,000-square-foot Center for Human Resources building that's going up on Detroit's riverfront. ..

Marlinga announces bid for Supreme Court seat

In the November general election, Michigan voters will have an opportunity to restore some pro-worker balance to the state Supreme Court. ..