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Bush wants more union watchdogs

With a record federal deficit and an incredibly tight budget for 2005-2006, President Bush is proposing to give the Labor Department more money in the new federal budget. ..

Campaign to privatize Social Security: lies, damn lies and statistics

By Don McIntosh
The Northwest Labor Press
Special to PAI

Speed bump ahead for Michigan's road spending?

OSHA is union blind. ..

Bricklayers, Roofers say bigger unions aren't better

Two of Michigan's largest general contractors - Barton-Malow and Walbridge- Aldinger - were tapped earlier this month to oversee construction of two of the state's largest construction projects. The jobs have a combined price tag of $850 million. ..

Trades click on new computer science building

A new $40 million Computer Science and Engineering Building is under construction on the University of Michigan campus. ..

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