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Michigan's imperfect Proposal 1 deserves a 'yes' vote on May 5

(By Tony Trupiano) ..

Potential mash up of Proposal 1 and prevailing wage repeal concern trades

Few people in Michigan are crazy about raising the sales tax by a penny, even if passage of Proposal 1 on May 5 means raising at least $1.2 billion more in money for roads and added dollars to fund education. ..

Bio-solid dryer plant to create new uses for region's sewage

Anti-union push in Michigan inspires GOP in other states

In the last century Michigan led the nation toward wider acceptance of labor unions, higher wages and the concept of collective bargaining. Now, Michigan is leading the nation away from all that. ..

Gov. Walker sees union terrorists

Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker, one of the GOP’s leading candidates for the presidential nomination, linked protesting union members in his home state with the ISIS terrorist group. ..

AFL-CIO chief to Dems: You have 'a problem, a big problem' – no message

PHILADELPHIA (PAI) -- Barack Obama wasn't the only president who addressed the shrunken ranks of U.S. House Democrats when they retreated to Philadelphia late last month to lick their wounds from last November's election and plan party strategy.  AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka did, too – and he didn't pull punches.  He offered initial praise, then a tongue-lashing.  ..

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Obama rejects Keystone Pipeline ..