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Granholm to labor: 'You've got a backstop'

LANSING - The Michigan Building and Construction Trades Council's 45th annual Legislative Conference on March 4 took place at a fitting time that drove home the reason why unions get involved in political action. ..

Michigan House moves to outlaw prevailing wage and living wage, But Granholm pledges a veto

LANSING - Is there any hope that with terms limits, retirements and the infusion of a lot of new blood among state lawmakers beginning this year - including 50 freshmen in the House - that there would be a kinder, gentler attitude towards Michigan's working people? ..

Trades supply new backbone for aging Greenfield Village

Nearly everything at Greenfield Village is old. ..

Union membership declines in 2002

(PAI) - The number of union members nationwide declined by 280,000 in 2002, the Labor Department reported - a drop the AFL-CIO said was caused by continued job losses in factories, the after-effects of the Sept. 11, 2001 terrorist attacks and the Bush recession. ..

Survey says: nation has a better opinion of unions

HOLLYWOOD, Fla. (PAI) - A record high percentage of Americans view unions positively, but few know about management's anti-union tactics, a new poll shows. ..

Secretary of Labor…or Secretary of Commerce?

(PAI) - Labor Secretary Elaine Chao thought she had "an open and honest session" with the nation's union leaders on Feb. 26. Putting it mildly, they disagreed. ..


Wage-fringe hikes up 4.3% in 2002
The trend of ever-increasing construction wages and fringes continued in 2002, as rates for all U.S. workers rose by 4.3 percent from 2001. ..

CAM: Uncertain year awaits Michigan construction

"Lackluster." "Uncertainty." "Economic constraints." ..