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Michigan Republicans to state's unions: drop dead

LANSING - The Michigan Republican Party has come out of the closet with their desire to eradicate the state's unions. ..

Whining by contractors: Now there's a lousy plan for removing deadbeats

By Mark Breslin
(Sixth in a series)

'Gateway' work to improve border, freeway exchanges

DETROIT - The Ambassador Bridge Gateway Project is the largest single construction contract ever undertaken by the Michigan Department of Transportation - and it looks like it. ..

Turtle Creek Casino coming out of its shell

WILLIAMSBURG - Construction of the new Turtle Creek Casino in this town east of Traverse City has been "a smooth-running process," with the gaming facility and attached hotel set to open in June. ..

Federal workers unions vs. Bush: 'We won. They lost. Game over.'

By Mark Gruenberg
PAI Staff Writer

News Briefs

Good early news for union show
Dozens of contracts have been signed for exhibit space at the 2008 America-at-Work Union Industries Show, an encouraging sign for the show, scheduled May 16-18 at Detroit's Cobo Center. ..