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New building in the works for DMC’s Cardio Team One


Time to save prevailing wage law – contact your lawmaker

Please urge your legislator NOT to support: ..

Prevailing wage repeal lurks in House, Senate – your voice is needed

LANSING – Numerous bills have been introduced over the years to repeal Michigan’s Prevailing Wage Act of 1965. Most were symbolic and lacked support of sufficient lawmakers in either the House or Senate or the governor’s office. ..

…But the impact of RTW pushes society as a whole into ‘downward spiral’

(Susan H. Bitensky, Michigan State University College of Law) ..

Construction may evade worst effects of right-to-work…

LIVONIA – Michigan’s new right-to-work law certainly wasn’t enacted by majority of Republican lawmakers in December because it would do workers any favors. Still, by virtue of the nature of the construction industry, building trades unions are likely to be less harmed by the new RTW law than other unions. ..