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Building Trades OK informal relations with Carpenters

The building trades can continue to have an informal working relationship with the United Brotherhood of Carpenters - which has withdrawn from the AFL-CIO - while talks continue among International Union leaders to get the Carpenters back in the fold of organized labor. ..

State official ties on-the-job deaths to 'fate' and 'luck'

Tradesman Viewpoint ..

Worker fatality rate down in U.S.; state's numbers are worse

Workplace fatalities dropped in Michigan last year, and the trend is lower across the nation over the last two decades. ..

Delphi headquarters expansion puts operations in one place

Consolidation is king for Delphi Automotive Systems, the world's largest auto supplier as the large supplier is bringing together its spread-out office space onto the campus of its headquarters building in Troy. ..

Guardian Building a monument to 'workmen of unusual merit'

Writ Rowland, who designed the Guardian Building in Detroit, was said to be the last U.S. architect of the Art Deco era who had complete control over every aspect of his building's design, right down to the cigarette urns. ..

Utility group seeks to limit underground mishaps

More than 30,000 Michigan contractors were sent a mailing this month from a partnership of state utilities encouraging them and their workers to dig safely this season. ..

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Detroit Water Team wins GARDE Award  ..