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Romney, Obama talk union on the campaign trail

WASHINGTON – Barack Obama. Mitt Romney. Compare and contrast. ..

Mitt Romney to the Associated Builders and Contractors: ‘I will fight for right-to-work laws’

* “Why did he (Obama) drag his feet on free trade agreements with Columbia, Panama, and South Korea? Because organized unions don’t want it. And so, bowing to them, he holds off on trade. ..

Obama to trades: GOP blocking jobs

By Mark Gruenberg

Trades go back to work completing Gateway Project

DETROIT –About that Bridge to Nowhere: Nevermind. ..

GOP seeks elusive cure to what ails their anti-PLA law

LANSING – The curious Republican fixation on banning the use of construction project labor agreements by state and local governmental authorities in Michigan just got curioser. ..

Lack of public spending a drag on construction

The overall gains mask divergent trends however, as public sector construction activity continues to decline while private sector demand for new construction continues to strengthen. ..