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Bush's overtime pay plan bludgeoned again, but they haven't quite killed the beast

WASHINGTON – In a remarkable turn of events and a rare, major victory for organized labor, the U.S. Senate voted on May 4 to block implementation of President Bush’s plan to deny overtime pay to hundreds of thousands of U.S. workers. ..

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From B-24s to GM transmissions, versatile Willow Run plant thrives

YPSILANTI – Formerly the linchpin of Michigan’s deserved reputation as the “Arsenal of Democracy,” where 8,684 B-24 Liberator bombers were built during World War II, the Willow Run assembly plant has over the years been reformatted and re-tooled for the building of a number of automotive products. ..

'Will-It Run?' Absolutely

The building trades have worked to renovate and upgrade at the Willow Run plant a number of times over the years, but its basic design and purpose haven’t changed since it was built in 1942 ..

Getting a whiff of welding fumes…Jury verdict opens doors for personal injury cases

Will welding rod disease become the next asbestosis? ..

Fume hazards are real - but gaps in research need closure

Welding is one of the most common tasks in the building trades. How concerned should construction workers be over welding fumes? ..

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