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Trades' work at Fermi 2 generates acclaim from DTE

MONROE - The Fermi 2 Nuclear Power Plant is capable of producing 1,130 megawatts of electricity - about one-tenth of DTE Energy's entire production capacity. So it doesn't take a nuclear scientist to figure out that it costs the utility big money to have the plant off line for any length of time. ..

With big deficit due, Bush's tax cut plan leaves Dems dubious

With President Bush declaring major hostilities over in Iraq, his attention and that of the U.S. Congress has quickly moved to improving the state of the American economy. ..

No action yet on extension of jobless benefits

On March 25, U.S. Senate Republicans voted unanimously to deny the extension of federal Unemployment Insurance benefits for six more months. There were 51 Republicans who voted against it and 48 Democrats who voted for the measure. ..

Time to revive an old 'innovation' - responsibility

The annual NOVA Awards ceremony - the Nobel Prize for the construction industry - celebrates innovations that have had positive, important effects on the construction industry to improve quality and reduce costs. ..

Boilermakers, high schoolers get early introduction

Boilermakers Local 169 has come up with a simple, proactive plan to attract bright, motivated workers to their industry. ..


Jury acquits driver who killed worker
A Macomb County jury found Stacey Ann Bettcher not guilty of killing a 26-year-old civil engineer on May 2 in the first test of the state's tough new law designed to protect road workers. ..