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House OKs more road money, but prevailing wage repeal is lurking

LANSING – More money to improve Michigan’s crumbling roads and repair its bridges seems to be on the way, as the state House on May 12 adopted a 10-bill package that adds $450 million to the Michigan Department of Transportation budget. ..

The will of the people? No, the will of the GOP determine minimum wage hike in Michigan

LANSING – Maybe, maybe, Michigan should raise the minimum wage. But only on the terms of the state Republican lawmakers. ..

State pipe trades set up shop in front of state Capitol

Apprenticeship contest brings out the best in UA training

Boilermakers welcome high schoolers for competition and maybe a future in the trade

Home builders pretend there's a labor shortage Can't imagine why...

It’s five o’clock somewhere. And maybe there’s a construction worker shortage, too, somewhere. But it’s not significant in the U.S., and it’s not very widespread. ..

Good start, it seems, for pension reform

WASHINGTON, D.C. – Talks in Congress on how to fix the financial mess involving the nation’s multiemployer pension plans are well under way. ..

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