The Building Tradesman Newspaper

Whether you know it or not, GOP feels you need 'empowerment'

There's a new name for "Paycheck Protection." ..

GENERAL MOTORS letters retired gracefully, thanks to work of MBM, trades

General Motors has (almost) left their building, but gone are the letters that formed the sign that identified the automaker's headquarters for more than 40 years. ..

Trench safety is expensive; the cost of life is incalculable

By Richard J. Mee
Chief, Construction Safety Division

Don't vouch for vouchers: plan would hurt all students

By Thomas Boensch
Michigan State Building and Construction Trades Council

Wayne State's construction boom a boon to the building trades

Two more projects are extending a building splurge that is transforming the look of the Wayne State University. ..

Monument planned to honor Michigan vets killed in Vietnam

LANSING - Building trades unions are part of an effort to construct a memorial to the 2,649 people from Michigan who died during the Vietnam War. ..

Young people can use help to work safe this summer

In today's tight job market, more and more employers, for the first time, will turn to younger people to meet these needs this summer. For many young people, this will be their first job. ..