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'Buy American' campaign revs up to tout domestic automakers' impact

U.S. automakers have a new "lobbying" group that began an ad campaign this month, explaining why buying American-made vehicles helps America. ..

Reviled man's fountain restored to original glory

Upon his death in 1910, Detroiter James Scott bequeathed $500,000 to his hometown for the construction of a fountain in his honor on Belle Isle, a city-owned park in the Detroit River. ..

Reuniting doesn't feel so good, as Change-to-Win's attempt to link with AFL-CIO fails

The nation's old and new labor federations aren't playing nice. ..

Where road workers are present, give 'em a brake

Michigan's Give 'em a Brake Safety Coalition kicked-off its annual highway work safety campaign on May 11 at a news conference held at the State Capitol, urging motorists to pay close attention to a new highway work zone speed limit sign. ..

Trades ready to leave dock at luxury boathouse condos

BAY CITY - Another major development along the Saginaw River is keeping the building trades busy. ..

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Low-key start for National Construction Alliance

Until this month, there hasn't been much news about the formation of the new National Construction Alliance, which was announced in February. ..