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Unions wonder if huge pension bailout sets nasty precedent

(PAI) - Some union employees of United Airlines had their financial world rocked earlier this month when a federal bankruptcy judge allowed the struggling airline to dump a record $6.6 billion in pension obligations onto the Pension Benefit Guaranty Corp. (PBGC). ..

Trades pension plans are healthier than their sick, 'single' cousins

Are building trades union pensions next? ..

Federal Reserve Note: New facility 'is built like a bank'

Construction-wise, there's not much we can say about the new Detroit Branch of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago. ..

MDOT director sets up 'office' to highlight work-zone speeding

HOLT - A dramatic jump in the number of fatalities associated with work zone crashes in Michigan prompted Transportation Director Gloria Jeff to make a symbolic change in her office location on May 11. ..

Trades complete Cliffs Michigan mine maintenance

Building trades workers and prime contractor Jamar performed a significant amount of maintenance work and pollution control upgrades over the last several months in an effort to further clear the air at the Cliffs Michigan Mining Company's Tilden (West) operation, west of Marquette. ..

$120 million+ expansion set for Van Andel Institute

The Van Andel Institute in Grand Rapids will double in size with construction costs in the $120-150 million range, according to plans released May 17. ..

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