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Asbestos talks collapse in Congress

WASHINGTON (PAI) – Despite efforts at a compromise acceptable to unions and business, talks on legislation to settle asbestos cases collapsed on May 10. The legislation would have established a no-fault trust fund for asbestos victims. ..

Pharmacists issue wrong prescription for mail-order drugs

LANSING – There aren’t many glimmers of good news when it comes to bringing down the high cost of prescription drugs, although purchasing drugs through the mail is one area that is providing savings. ..

'Sumptuous' Wayne County building menu of trades, Chezcore

“Just look at this place,” enthused Local 324 operating engineer “Big Jake” Jacobs, walking up the front steps of the Wayne County Building. “Look at all the details. Nobody builds them like this any more.” ..

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Dig this: keep safe in the trenches

In January 2003, two construction laborers somewhere in the U.S. died when the trench in which they were working caved in. Only teenagers, the brothers were laying conduit in the trench – which was eight feet deep and only two feet wide – when the walls collapsed over them, according to an incident report by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH). ..

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