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Anti-labor bills lurking in GOP’s agenda

LANSING – After the initial flurry of anti-worker, anti-union bills introduced in the Republican-dominated legislature earlier this year, then numerous protest rallies on the Capitol Building’s front steps, follow-up legislative action has been moving a bit slowly, hasn’t it? ..

ABC targets prevailing wage in Bay City

Prevailing wage is now being attacked on two fronts in Michigan. ..

Raleigh Studios ready to roll

PONTIAC – Walbridge, their subcontractors and the building trades have finished their construction roles at the Raleigh Michigan Studios complex. Next on stage: the people who make movies. ..

Prevailing wage gets an ‘attaboy’ before Congress


Labor, and the left lack effective message to state their vision scholars say

(By Mark Gruenberg, Press Associates)  ..

Unions ‘instrumental’ in building middle class

By Sander Levin, U.S. Congress - 12th District) ..