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New building a good fit for Pipe Fitters Local 636

Pipe Fitters, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Local 636 has changed addresses only a few times since it was chartered in 1914, but its new location looks to be the best one yet. ..

Today's lesson for ABC: How to get away with paying workers substandard wages

Building trades unions say black. The Associated Builders and Contractors say white. Trade unions are oil. The ABC is water. The sky is blue in the unionized world, but in the ABC's realm, we suspect it may be chartreuse. ..

Maintenance work by trades helps 'Mighty Mac' stay mighty


Honoring a new building and an old friend

The grand opening of the new Local 636 offices allowed the local union to pay tribute to one of its old friends. ..

Indoors or out, welders should try to clear the air

Welding fumes are hardly a breath of fresh air. ..