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The other shoe drops after anti-union NLRB decisions

(PAI) - The first in what could be a series of unhappy steps took place in conjunction with the National Labor Relations Board's Oakwood/Kentucky River decisions, in which nurses and potentially millions of workers could be declared supervisors and thus unprotected by U.S. labor law. ..

New heart, surgery center added to Ingham Regional


Residential housing doldrums may bring 1st decline in U.S. construction in 16 years

Overall U.S. construction spending is expected to drop next year, led by a rapid decline in housing construction. ..

Workplace injuries, illness down a bit; construction still leads

WASHINGTON (PAI) - The rate of workplace injuries and illnesses declined slightly in 2005, the Labor Department reported, citing numbers from the the Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) ..

Men: it's time to talk prostate with your doctor

Prostate cancer is one of the most prevalent forms of cancer among American men, especially African-Americans. By age 75, 50 to 75 percent of American men will have cancerous changes in their prostate. ..

This Book starts a little slow…

DETROIT - If there are any more structural or logistical skeletons in the closets of the massive Book-Cadillac hotel - where a $180 million renovation project is ramping up - they shouldn't affect progress on returning the building to its former glory, its developer said last month. ..

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