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Election aftermath: Go right? Go left? Debate starts for Dems

Or is love all we need? ..

Poll trolling: union members divided on Bush, Kerry

The polling numbers that emerged from the Nov. 2 general election hold some good news - and some sobering news - for people who wonder if American union political clout is diminishing: ..

Trades operate in new surgical addition at Oakwood Hospital

Operations are ongoing at Dearborn's Oakwood Hospital - both the kind with scalpels and the kind with shovels. ..

Your health and safety matters…Water thrown on asbestos removal plan

A brain-dead asbestos-removal scheme has received a well-deserved burial. ..

U.S. has higher health costs, lower outcomes, analyst tells labor

WASHINGTON (PAI) - The U.S. not only has the most expensive health care in 
the world, but its outcomes are often far lower than results in comparable countries, a top analyst told a forum sponsored by organized labor. ..

Local 324 training helps bring GPS technology down to earth

By J.D. Booth ..

Construction tops worker fatality list

Construction once again made its annual appearance at or near the top of the list of the nation's most dangerous industries, ranking first in the number of total workplace fatalities in 2003. ..