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Prevailing wage repeal effort: here we go again

LANSING -  The group sponsoring a petition drive intended to repeal the Michigan Prevailing Wage Act couldn't deny the massive number of duplicate and improper names on the signature sheets, and ditched its months-long, statewide effort on Oct. 30. ..

Our vote is best backstop against prevailing wage opponents

They're incompetent. But they're relentless.  ..

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State road deal finally passes, but it has plenty of critics

LANSING - Long-awaited legislation to increase funding to repair Michigan's crumbling roads and bridges was signed into law on Nov. 4 by Gov. Rick Snyder, but it was a bill that only its sponsors could love. It was passed by the state's majority Republican lawmakers, with only two Democrats voting for the package. ..

Worker shortages may be a drag on robust industry

Construction spending in September reached a new seven-year high and climbed at the fastest rate since early 2006, according to an analysis released Nov. 2 by the Associated General Contractors of America. However, total spending on nonresidential construction declined by 0.1 percent between August and September as growing workforce shortages likely impacted the amount firms were able to perform for the month. ..

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Prevailing wage prevails in D.C. ..