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Congress extends jobless benefits ..

Dreams of economic boon from green energy just blowin’ in the wind

There are no less than six proposals to build new coal-burning power plants in Michigan, and getting any one of them to start moving dirt would be a virtual lock to employ hundreds or thousands of construction workers for months on end. ..

It matters where things are made

By Rich Trumka
AFL-CIO President

State highway repairs, jobs on the road to nowhere

LANSING – Unless there’s a sharp U-turn in Michigan’s economic fortunes, the state’s roads and bridges are course for further deterioration – and that’s a job-killer for the building trades. ..

Lost time for swine flu prompts paid leave proposal

WASHINGTON (PAI) – As the threat of swine flu outbreaks forcing workers to stay home, unpaid, for long periods of time, the Obama administration is openly endorsing paid family and medical leave for workers. ..

Rail bridges ease traffic through Spartan land

EAST LANSING – The building trades moved tons of earth out of the way, and then cleaned things up nicely in the effort to create a pair of railroad overpasses on Farm Lane on the Michigan State University campus. ..