The Building Tradesman Newspaper

New roof truss bridges Ford Field

What was most likely the heaviest construction lift in the history of the State of Michigan - and one of the heaviest ever in the U.S. - took place on Nov. 2, when a 2,764-ton roof truss section was jacked into place over Ford Field. ..

Bush's ban on project labor agreements tossed out by judge

One of President Bush's first acts as president was the issuance of an executive order on Feb. 17 prohibiting project labor agreements on federally funded construction projects. ..

Insurance costs expected to rise after Sept. 11

The fallout from the World Trade Center collapse is approaching the construction industry, as higher premium costs in a variety of areas are anticipated in order to help insurers make up for monumental losses when the towers fell. ..

Pipeline had a lot of character - but it leaked like a sieve

ROCKLAND - Wood and water don't mix? Yup, that's pretty much true. ..

Nuke plants an important source of energy, employment

Michigan's nuclear power industry consists of three plants that supply a combined 14.1 percent of the electricity generated in Michigan. ..

Michigan labor continues push for enhanced jobless benefits

With the nation's unemployment rate jumping a whopping half percentage point to 5.4 percent from September to October, more and more workers are looking to Unemployment Insurance to get them through what will probably be a bumpy economy in the months ahead. ..


Airport security to be federalized  ..