The Building Tradesman Newspaper

Few glad tidings after viewing vote results

There isn't much reason for optimism about the direction of our state or our nation after the Nov. 7 election. ..

The real winner: special interests

Congratulations, America. ..

Air ride equipped: New overhead tram arrives at Metro

Next stop for the Express Tram system: The new Midfield Terminal at Metro Airport in Romulus. ..

Union-built shopping center ready to go

Union pension funds are once again being put to work to put union members to work, this time at the $14 million Whispering Woods Plaza in Brownstown Township. ..

Trades salute 3 retirees

The Detroit Building Trades on Nov. 2 honored three retired labor leaders who left a legacy of good service to unionism. ..

New focus on 'appalling' hazard: silica dust

It's not every week or even every year that a national publication devotes so much attention to a serious medical problem that affects building trades workers. ..

News Briefs

73 pints after 636 blood drive
The American Red Cross tapped into a blood drive sponsored by Pipe Fitters, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Service Local 636 and yielded 73 pints of blood. ..