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IBEW hurricane victims blown off U.S. Navy job: their pay was too high

Following is a glimpse into one contractor's experience in an effort to gain work in the days after Hurricane Katrina hit the Gulf Coast on Aug. 29, ..

Post-Katrina, market seems to be trumping prevailing wage, at least for now

It's impossible to draw long-term conclusions about trends affecting construction workers in the Gulf region, who are rebuilding after Hurricane Katrina hit the area just three months ago. ..

Trades go to work on psychiatry, depression center

ANN ARBOR - In recent years, the building trades have been involved in the new construction or renovation of numerous medical-related buildings on the University of Michigan campus. ..

The building materials price market: not for the faint of heart

Early in this decade, the prices of construction "inputs" like sheet rock, cement, lumber, steel, diesel fuel and gasoline were fairly stable. Now, many of those costs are have all spiked higher, and then sometimes lower, inducing headaches all-around for contracting estimators, their bosses, and owners. ..

Boilermakers 169: Don't forget, hire the vet

Boilermakers Local 169 is expanding its base of organizing operations, seeking and accepting the resumes of a handful of military veterans into its apprenticeship program. ..

Designer, erector, trades rise to the occasion at LCC

LANSING - Hardhats who toiled on the Lansing Community College (LCC) Health and Human Service facility, which wrapped up last spring, worked on an award-winning building. ..