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Prevailing wage repeal effort set to double down on first failed effort

'It’s clear that public policy now is being shaped by billionaires from West Michigan' ..

Prevailing wage repeal, Part II: It's worth it to fight this relentless effort

The petition to repeal the Michigan Prevailing Wage Act of 1965 is back. It never really has gone away since last summer. ..

Trades help clean the air at Consumers Campbell plant

OSHA hikes potential employer fines by up to 82 percent

Employers woke up to a surprise on Nov. 3. That’s when we learned that the Federal Budget Agreement, which was quickly worked out behind closed doors and signed the day before, includes surprise provisions authorizing the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) to increase penalties for the first time since 1990. To the surprise of almost all observers, the amount of the increase could be as much as 82 percent. ..

Retired bricklayer puts down trowel, picks up pencils

Construction unemployment takes a nice fall in 2015

The nation's construction unemployment rate fell to 6.2 percent in October, which represents a gain of 31,000 workers. There are now 6.43 million construction workers in the U.S., making industry employment the highest since February 2009.  ..

Union 4 Life makes another contribution to breast cancer research at U-M

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Unionization trend: Hey, we're No. 63! ..