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Help for U.S. auto industry isn't a bailout - it's a bargain


Trades' stay nearing end at new Greektown hotel

DETROIT - Towering 30 stories over Monroe Street, the Greektown Casino Hotel is nearing completion, and will add another 400 rooms to the city's growing retinue of hotel space. ..

Same-old, same-old funding 'not an option' for MI roads, report says

LANSING - In a state that is in no condition to hear more bad economic news, out comes a Nov. 10 report that says Michigan's transportation routes will continue to deteriorate without doubling our state's investment in roads and bridge repair. ..

Employee Free Choice Act: Largely unknown, labor's top priority needs P.R. - and a plan

The nation's labor leaders expect the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) to be passed by the Democratic Congress and signed by President Barack Obama, hopefully, in his first 100 days in office. They claim that passage of EFCA would give workers an opportunity to join unions without fear of intimidation or loss of job. In the past three years, union organizing has been mostly "on hold," because of fierce employer opposition. But today, they can echo President-elect Obama's mantra: "Now is the time. Now is the moment." ..

'If you can't be safe for you, do it for your loved ones' Take personal responsibility, accident victim urges

A self-described "unremarkable" equipment operator at an Exxon refinery in New Jersey, Charlie Morecraft was working overtime just after midnight on August 8, 1980, in order to make a little extra vacation money. ..

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