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File jobless apps through the mail

The State of Michigan is offering jobless workers a way of cutting through unemployment lines by filing their claims for jobless benefits through the mail. ..

Privatize Blue Cross? The idea has supporters - and bears watching

LANSING - With the general election over (results weren't available at press time), state legislators are turning their attention to some pending business in the lame duck legislative session that extends through the end of this year. ..

Compuware HQ readies to load tenants

The first trickle of Compuware employees will begin to inhabit the company's new 15-story Detroit headquarters building next month, signaling the beginning of the end of the construction process for a high-rise building that is notable for a number of reasons. ..

Lame duck session threatens workers

LANSING - "Lame-duck" sessions of the legislature - the period after an early-November election but before the new lawmakers come into office in early January - are often unpredictable and unsettling periods for making laws. ..

Iron workers, operators strengthen ties with completion of training frame

HOWELL - As iron framework goes, the 50-ft. by 75-ft. by 60-ft. high structure at the Operating Engineers Local 324 Training Center is pretty modest compared to the steel on some of the huge buildings they're accustomed to erecting. ..

Christmas comes early for Heat's On recipients

At a time when charitable giving is down around the country, volunteers came out in droves to help support the Detroit Heat's On program last month. ..

Are you drinking enough water?

Did you know that 75% of all Americans are chronically dehydrated? ..


Michigan to target 1099 cheats?  ..