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For some in GOP, union members' political leanings are the greater security risk

Over the last two months, most of the country - and amazingly, the U.S. Congress - have managed to put political ideology aside. ..

What's on tap: a modernized version of Water Works Park

Construction activity is flowing along nicely at the Water Works Park II project, where the building trades and their contractors are completely replacing the water filtration and pumping system that serves four million Metro Detroiters. ..

Unions, contractors get prepared for biological hazards

Union members were a major help in the search and cleanup effort in the aftermath of the terrorist attack of World Trade Center towers. Here in Michigan, they're getting themselves ready to be involved in the cleanup of another terrorist threat: biological weapons. ..

Trades, contractors begin the end of long effort to build shelter

Donations and hard work from the building trades, contractors and contractor associations are helping to bring a new domestic shelter to life. ..

15-year study confirms deadly grip of falls

A newly released, sweeping report by the National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) confirms that of all the hazards U.S. construction workers face, falls account for the most fatalities. ..

Effective safety planning effectively saves lives

Most occupational safety experts now say that the best way to reduce occupational hearing loss is to lower noise levels at the source of the noise, through better engineering of power tools and machinery. ..

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Social consequences of injuries probed ..