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Landmark case could dump union rights for 8 million workers

By Mark Gruenberg
PAI Staff Writer

WASHINGTON (PAI) - By a 3-2 vote along party lines, the Bush-appointed GOP majority on the National Labor Relations Board expanded the definition of who is a "supervisor," throwing millions of workers out from under labor law coverage. ..

Enough is enough? At the ballot box, unions can change our nation's course

By Dick Meister

Politics, politics and almost nothing but politics. That's what we're hearing from America's unions these days. For they're waging one of the biggest and most expensive political campaigns in labor history. ..

U-M's Mosher-Jordan hall gets much-needed facelift inside

ANN ARBOR - Like so many other aged buildings on the University of Michigan campus, now it's the turn for a creaky old dormitory to be given new life by the building trades. ..

Chamber's plan to kill SBT shifts burden to taxpayers

LANSING - If you think the pending elimination of the Michigan Single Business Tax (SBT) couldn't affect you - you've got another thing coming. ..

Building trades' signs say 'Granholm'

MARQUETTE - At some bees, old ladies make quilts. ..

Kennecott Mine clears hurdle

The Michigan Court of Appeals last month overturned a lower court ruling, clearing the way for the state Department of Environmental Quality to decide whether to issue a permit for a nickel and copper mine in northern Marquette County. ..

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Wage levels take a hike  ..