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Introducing… the Change to Win Federation Breakaway union group formally established

By Mark Gruenberg 
Press Associates Staff Writer

Laborers to leave AFL-CIO - Not 'if' but 'when'

By Mark Gruenberg 
Press Associates Staff Writer

Trades' operations make more room for surgery

ANN ARBOR - A growing need for outpatient surgical and other medical care has resulted in the construction of the East Ann Arbor Ambulatory Surgery and Medical Procedures Center. ..

37 Republicans urge Bush to reconsider his veto of prevailing wage

The federal prevailing wage law has its detractors - but 37 U.S. House Republicans are not among them. They signed a letter to President Bush supporting prevailing wage, illustrating why Congress has not been able to kill the 74-year-old law. ..

Labor News and Notes

A good opportunity to hear about the state of the State of Michigan's organized labor sector took place Sept. 30 at the Michigan State AFL-CIO quarterly General Board meeting. ..

New rolling billboards for sheet metal industry

Service trucks are the centerpiece of a joint advertising campaign by Sheet Metal Workers Local 80 and the Detroit Chapter of the Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association (SMACNA), Detroit Chapter. ..

News Briefs

Crane operator prevents accident
Quick thinking by a crane operator dealing with mechanical failure in the rig's boom hoist prevented major damage or injury from happening Sept. 26 at a parking structure under construction in Sault Ste. Marie. ..